Assistive Care

“The fastest-growing segment of the total population is the oldest old— those 80 and over. Their growth rate is twice that of those 65 and over and almost 4-times that for the total population. In the United States, this group now represents 10% of the older population and will more than triple from 5.7 million in 2010 to over 19 million by 2050.” (

What is Assistive Care Ministry?

Assistive Care is a ministry of the local church to give practical assistance to the “old-old” who still live in their own homes. The purpose is to enable them to continue living in their home for as long as possible and to live with a sense of dignity, comfort, and security.

What is Veterans Care Ministry?

Veterans Care Ministry is a faith-based ministry launched by The Baptist Home in an effort to help combat veterans and their families deal with the effects of moral injury. Moral injury is often a hidden injury, and does not normally respond to treatment in a clinical setting.

Rapidly Changing Landscape of Aging

Changes in how healthcare for seniors is now being provided is creating a confusing array of services designed to help seniors remain in their own homes longer.
We believe that a team approach seeking to minister to seniors and connect them with relevant health services is a worthwhile approach.
Assistive Care Ministry seeks to create a partnership between local churches and the community to serve the aging.

Assistive Care Ministry will guide you to …

1. Understand the aging process.
2. Identify the most significant needs of the aging.
3. Develop a local team within your church to serve the aging in your community.
4. Connect the aging with community based resources for the aging.

Will train your church to assist the aging in your community to …
1. Remain in their own living arrangements more securely.
2. Re-connect with the world around them as your team engages them.
3. Remain vitally connected to the spiritual community they have depended upon.

The key word is ASSISTANCE. Volunteer caregivers will need to evaluate the list of practical needs and set priorities. No one can meet all the needs of an elderly person, but whatever help can be given is an “ASSIST”. ASSISTIVE CARE does not eliminate the problems of growing old. It helps to reduce those problems. No special skill is needed to be a caregiver. Time, self-discipline, and an understanding of the unique problems of old people are the main qualifications.

How can I help?

If you would like to learn more about Assistive Care Ministry and steps you can take to begin helping your local community, please contact Ron Mackey at (866) 454-2709 or provide a gift of financial support, you can send a check made payable to The Baptist Home, PO Box 87, Ironton, MO 63650. You can also text “CALLED” to 80077 to make a gift of $10**. Your gifts of time, talents and resources are critical to the continued success of this dynamic and authentic ministry.

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