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Things My Kids Need to Know

Things My Kids Need To Know A review of the essential information every parent needs to communicate to his/her adult children so the children can fulfill the biblical mandate to “Honor you father and mother.” Each participant will receive an “Important Information Workbook.” (TBH also offers a similar program for the adult children entitled “The […]

Tips for Staying Independent as We Age

Tips for Staying Independent as We Age This conference is based on the latest research on the practices of those who are maintaining an independent lifestyle well into their late older adulthood. Participants will gain an understanding that in making the right lifestyle decisions today will enable a person to maintain maximum control of her/his […]

Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for the Caregiver Practical ways in which a congregation can minister to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the primary caregiver of a homebound person. Participants will gain insight into the world of volunteer caregivers and a vision of how the church can minister to this “often neglected” group of people. Use Facebook […]

RunKeeper – Fitness Maps and Tracking

RunKeeper is a free online service, with accompanying smartphone apps, dedicated to helping you “Track, measure and improve your fitness.” With RunKeeper, you can use the GPS in your smartphone to map your workout and even monitor your pace and elevation. This information is then fed into your online account and compiled into charts and […]

Tips for Avoiding Mental Confusion as We Age

Tips for Avoiding Mental Confusion as We Age This is a presentation of the facts about mental confusion and memory loss in older adulthood. Subjects covered include: the relationship between aging and mental functions, common causes of memory loss, tips to limit confusion and memory loss and the indicators of serious memory problems. Use Facebook […]

Move It or Lose It: Maintaining Physical Fitness as We Age

Move It or Lose It: Maintaining Physical Fitness as We Age This is a presentation of activities and exercises designed to help aging adults maintain and build physical endurance, flexibility, balance and strength. Participants will learn the benefits and importance of regular exercise and will get “to practice” some beneficial activities. Use Facebook to Comment […]

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Laughing Your Way Through Life

Laughing Your Way Through Life Researchers are finding there are many health benefits of laughter for aging adults. This program presents the emotional, mental, physical, and social benefits of laughter for adults age 55 – plus. Over half the program involves skits, jokes, and comedy so participants can enjoy the benefits of laughter. Use Facebook […]

Retirement: Life’s Sabbath

Retirement – Life’s Sabbath This Seminar examines the solid principles that can lead a person to experience a satisfying, fulfilling and meaningful retirement. Retirement is presented not as an end of a career, but as a beginning of a spiritual journey toward peace, purpose, happiness and satisfaction. Principles presented are applicable to both pre-retirees and […]

Challenges Facing Your Family

In her book, How to Care for Aging Parents, Virginia Morris identifies Ten Common Reactions to Having a Parent in a Nursing Home: 1. Guilt that you are not doing enough for your parent 2. Anxiety that the nursing staff will not do enough for your parent 3. Guilt because you promised you would never […]

Understanding an Aging Plan

Around The Baptist Home we say there are two approaches to aging, “incident aging” and “planned aging”. Most people follow the “incident aging” approach. They just allow the days and years to go by without much thought about their life journey. Then an “incident’ forces them to face the fact they are getting older. The […]