The Baptist Home: Experts on Aging

EonA_logo_webFounded in 1913 with the goal of caring for aging Christians in need, The Baptist Home’s nearly 100 years of experiences and insight make it an expert on aging. The Home seeks to share this expertise through a variety of workshops and lectures addressing the many issues facing mature adults and their loved ones. Whether you are an aging adult, the child of an older adult or a ministerial staff-person, you will be surprised by how relevant The Baptist Home’s hard-earned wisdom can be to your life.

The Baptist Home is committed to supporting individuals, families, churches and secular organizations through its Education and Senior Adult Ministry department. The goal of this ministry is to help people of all ages better understand the unique issues that come with aging. At some point everyone will be faced with an aging issue. The Baptist Home can help you understand and respond to these issues appropriately.

The Baptist Home is staffed with well trained experts in the field of aging. Aging issues encompass not just physical changes but also social, mental and spiritual. The Baptist Home has experts in all three of its locations available to assist you in whatever aging need you may have.

Education Seminars and Training

The Home’s experienced staff and contributors can provide valuable insight into many aging issues such as those listed on the Educational Seminars page. The Home’s Experts on Aging can also tailor seminars and workshops to meet the specific needs of your group. To schedule someone to speak to your group or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Frank Fain,, 866.454.2709.


The Baptist Home provides a variety of resources for organizations, churches and families to educate about issues regarding aging. These resources include seminars, workbooks, articles, advice from a staff expert, etc. The Resources section of the website provides several of those resources but if you don’t find what you are looking for please contact The Baptist Home directly.

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