Elderly man wearing red shirt

Rev. Clinton Taylor

One of the most often asked questions by residents at The Baptist Home is “Why am I still here?” There are many ways to answer that question, but many times it leaves the resident feeling unsatisfied. However, one of the answers often given is, “God still has something left for you to do.”

That was very evident recently with a former pastor and Chillicothe resident, Clinton Taylor. Clinton came to me asking for some help. He explained that he had been working with some of the new physical therapists, and they had struck up a conversation about the Bible. He learned that one of the young ladies grew up in two different religions and did not agree with either of them. She confessed that her young children were asking questions about the Bible, and she felt inadequate to answer them intelligently.

Clinton shared his testimony and his experiences as a pastor and shared John 3:16, but couldn’t remember all the verses of the Roman Road. Clinton asked if I could talk with these two young ladies. I was glad to help. Meanwhile, the therapist came to me and asked me if Clinton had told me about their conversation. I answered that he had, so we set a time to finish the conversation.

Later that afternoon, Clinton, two therapists, and myself met in the therapy room. I explained how much I respected Clinton and all his years of ministry. I told how some of his health challenges could one day be my health challenges. Clinton once again shared his testimony about accepting Christ as his Savior at a Sunday church service. It was something he just felt compelled he had to do, despite the chores he was responsible for on the family farm.

I began to share the verses of the Roman Road of Salvation and when I finished asked if I could lead in a prayer of salvation. After the prayer, there were many tears. The two young ladies were changed with the power of the gospel.

We know that it is the Holy Spirit who convicts us of our sin. We know that the power of Christ brings salvation to the lost. But, we also know that God uses people to be witnesses to the seeker. God wants to use us to shine the light on darkness to lead others to the light of Jesus.

Clinton Taylor has witnessed to countless people in his years of life and ministry, but perhaps none as satisfying as this recent encounter. Clinton responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and boldly shared his faith with one who lacked faith. And that has made all the difference.

As campus pastor, I am tasked with ministering to residents, staff, and their families. This time it was expanded to guests, volunteers, and extended healthcare professionals. I am thankful to Clinton Taylor for continuing to be a role model to me as I am learning from him far more often than he knows. Clinton, thank you for being a hero to many here at The Baptist Home. Why are you still here? Here are two big reasons. We thank you for keeping your heart open to listen and respond when the Holy Spirit moves.