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Things My Kids Need to Know

Things My Kids Need To Know A review of the essential information every parent needs to communicate to his/her adult children so the children can fulfill the biblical mandate to “Honor you father and mother.” Each participant will receive an “Important Information Workbook.” (TBH also offers a similar program for the adult children entitled “The

Do You Need Good Estate Planning Information?

Do you have estate planning decision to make and need up-to-date information?  We have a place for you to find what you need.  It is the new estate planning and planned giving website for The Baptist Home and The Baptist Home Foundation.  You will be amazed at the amount of content that is available on

Prepare Before Communicating with the Confused

Communicating with someone who is confused can be frustrating.  And yet, somehow caregivers need to listen and speak in a way that builds trust and lowers anxiety.  Anxiety only heightens uncooperative, difficult behavior and impedes communication.  The goal is to provide as much quality of life as possible for the confused person by lowering the

The Four Stages of Resolution

Naomi Feil in her book The Validation Breakthrough identified four stages of resolution. People who suffer from cognitive impairment may progress through these four stages: 1) Malorientation, 2) Time Confusion, 3) Repetitive Motion, and 4) Vegetation. Feil believes people will “enter a period in their lives in which they feel the need to resolve unfinished

The Why of The Baptist Home

Many people understand ‘what’ we do; some may understand ‘how’ we do it. However, the ‘why’ makes all the difference. Today, many companies focus on the bottom line of making money. For The Baptist Home, money should not be an end to itself. On the other hand, money is a tool to help us accomplish

IRA’s and Taxes: Tax Considerations of Assets with Deferred Income Tax

IRAs, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s are all excellent tools for preparing an enjoyable, financially worry-free retirement. However, without taking into consideration the effect of income taxes on your retirement plans, achieving the lifestyle you desire can be filled with unwelcome surprises. Individual Retirement Accounts – IRAs A tax deferred IRA is a valuable retirement planning tool.

Communication with the Confused

Alzheimer’s disease is a catch all term today much like the older term “dementia.”  Some prefer to call it the “old-timer’s disease.” However, Alzheimer’s is a very specific disorder that cannot be accurately diagnosed until an autopsy is performed.  It is characterized by the presence of excessive neuritic plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in brain tissue. 

Revocable Living Trust

A Flexible Planning Option It is essential that you have an estate plan regardless of the size of your estate.  It is also the only way to make sure the stewardship of your accumulation will continue, as you desire, after your death.  Your estate plan can be carried out through a will or through a

Tips for Staying Independent as We Age

Tips for Staying Independent as We Age This conference is based on the latest research on the practices of those who are maintaining an independent lifestyle well into their late older adulthood. Participants will gain an understanding that in making the right lifestyle decisions today will enable a person to maintain maximum control of her/his

Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for the Caregiver Practical ways in which a congregation can minister to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the primary caregiver of a homebound person. Participants will gain insight into the world of volunteer caregivers and a vision of how the church can minister to this “often neglected” group of people.

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