Some have said The Baptist Home is the best kept secret in Missouri.  Although it is never our intention to hide this light under a bushel basket, I think the expression is just the way people convey their appreciation for this ministry.  It is a great ministry and God gets the credit for everything this ministry is and does.  I am very grateful to Him for His guidance, His wisdom and His provisions for The Baptist Home.

When I share The Baptist Home story with others, they are amazed how we do this without government support.  I know of no other faith based nonprofit, secular nonprofit, or for-profit business that is able to do this for the general population without heavy subsidies from the government, primarily through Medicaid and secondarily through Medicare.

Oh sure, there are a few upper scale facilities providing care for those who can pay; and that’s okay.  And a few more, that severely limit the amount of charity care to make their operations sustainable; and that’s good that some charity is given.  A few top feeders discharge residents as soon as they deplete their funds.  However, The Baptist Home provides over two million dollars a year for fifty percent of its residents in its long term care facilities on its three campuses without government support.  And yet, no resident worries about discharge because of her or his inability to pay the cost of care.  I don’t think there is anything like it in the nation.

Sounds boastful, doesn’t it?  Well I can assure you God gets the credit.  I’ve seen so many ways in which God moved and provided for this ministry.  The Baptist Home’s beginnings were tough and difficult. Then, the Great Depression was upon us, and The Baptist Home was sold on the Iron County courthouse steps like so many businesses were in the 1930s. A local businessman of the Episcopal faith purchased the Home and gave it over to a reorganized Baptist board of trustees.  Past wise leadership sacrificed and invested funds to ensure the continued operation and growth of The Baptist Home. Individual and church donors were and continue to be faithful.

And, here I sit 101 years after its founding grateful to God for His guidance, His wisdom and His provisions for The Baptist Home.  Heavenly Father, we love You and thank You for meeting our daily needs.  May we be good stewards of Your provisions and always mindful of Your will for our lives and for this ministry.  May others come to know of Your love and grace demonstrated by Your Son who died for us and gave us eternal life.