Each level of care (dependent upon the campus) has an established rate which provides stability for the resident, family and budget. The Baptist Home understands that being able to forecast and budget the costs of care is vital to financial stability for the resident and/or family.

Levels of Care
Become a Resident

Levels of Care

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Active (Independent) Living

Active Living, Retirement living or Independent living blends the benefits of maintenance-free housing and access to nearby medical support with the privacy of living in your own home. With no yard work or repairs and little housekeeping, you are free to invest your energies where you find the most joy and satisfaction.

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Assisted Living

Assisted living provides help for daily tasks that have become tedious. These may include dressing, bathing, dining and using the restroom. You will enjoy maximum personal freedom and the security of knowing 24-hour assistance is available should the need arise.

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Nursing Care

Nursing care offers the security of 24-hour assistance and access to medical services available through area physicians. This level of service applies to anyone who requires more than light assistance with daily tasks.

Application Process

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The first step in applying for residency at The Baptist Home is to complete and submit a short application. Upon receipt, your Administrator will review the application, request additional information if necessary and contact you confirming that your application is being processed.

Administrator Interview

Your application will be reviewed by the campus administrator. A short interview will be required to assess if The Baptist Home is able to provide for the applicant’s welfare and medical needs. A review of finances will also be required if the applicant needs benevolent care assistance. Very few applicants are ever denied admission to The Home for inability to provide care or because of limited financial resources. Applications that fall outside of normal admission guidelines must be reviewed by the Executive Committee of The Baptist Home.


If approved you will be placed on the waiting list for the next available space, or if space is available, given the opportunity to become a resident or pass until a later date.

Necessary Documents

When entering The Home, you will need to sign a resident agreement and complete an Advance Healthcare Directive. We also encourage you to have a legal estate and aging plan in place. A legal estate and aging plan defines contact persons and responsible parties and may be comprised of a Durable Power of Attorney for financial and health decisions, a will and/or a trust. You can develop these documents with your own advisors, or The Baptist Home staff can assist you.