At the Baptist Homes, we know that you want to be a God-honoring caregiver. In order to do that, you need to make wise lifecare decisions for yourself or the ones you love. The problem is there are a confusing array of choices and the challenges that come with aging might make you fearful and uncertain. In our core values, we believe in the sanctity of life which honors God and others. We understand that making this decision can be a scary and confusing process which is why we have offered trusted guidance for more than a century. Here’s how we do it:

1. By experiencing us through a virtual tour. 
2. By meeting us via a campus visit.
3. By joining us and beginning your lifecare journey today.

To get started on your journey, click “Schedule a Tour” below. And in the meantime, you can download a copy of our “Making the Right Choice” workbook. Prefer a virtual tour? Simply, return home and click on the campus of your choice. A virtual tour is available on each campus page. Now, you can stop feeling regret over the loss of quality of life and can instead gain peace of mind knowing that you have made the best decision for yourself or a loved one by choosing a lifecare home that is in a safe and supportive, Christian environment.

Each level of care (dependent upon the campus) has an established rate which provides stability for the resident, family and budget. The Baptist Homes understand that being able to forecast and budget the costs of care is vital to financial stability for the resident and/or family.

Levels of Care

active elderly couple
elderly man gardening

Active (Independent) Living

Active Living, Retirement living or Independent living blends the benefits of maintenance-free housing and access to nearby medical support with the privacy of living in your own home. With no yard work or repairs and little housekeeping, you are free to invest your energies where you find the most joy and satisfaction.

Nurse administering medicine

Assisted Living

Assisted living provides help for daily tasks that have become difficult. These may include dressing, bathing, dining and using the restroom. You will enjoy maximum personal freedom and the security of knowing 24-hour assistance is available should the need arise.

nurse and resident

Nursing Care

Nursing care offers the security of 24-hour assistance and access to medical services available through area physicians. This level of service applies to anyone who requires more than light assistance with daily tasks.

Application Process

Wanda Purvis and Daughter

Financial Assistance

The Baptist Homes have been providing financial assistance to its residents since its inception in 1913. Your financial situation will be addressed along with any current or future needs during the application process. Turning over all of your assets is no longer a requirement for admission. Residents or their responsible parties can manage their own funds and receive a bill for services. Residents must use their income to pay for the cost of their care. If their income does not cover the full cost of their care, they may qualify for financial assistance. About 50% of our long-term care residents receive some portion of financial assistance. At this time, financial assistance is not available for those in independent living.

For those desiring current or future financial assistance, the Baptist Homes require all applicants and residents to handle their finances honorably. Income and assets may not be given away or spent intentionally to hasten one’s qualification for assistance. A financial statement for all assets and income is a part of the application process if it is anticipated that financial assistance will be needed within five years of admission.

Our ability to provide financial assistance to our residents is made possible through the generosity of our donors to the benevolent fund.