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Welcome to Biblical Perspectives on Aging podcast! Based on Psalm 71, this podcast is a weekly series of one-on-one conversations with Christian aging experts from the Baptist Homes and other industry leaders who fearlessly apply biblical truths related to providing soul care to and advocating for the aging. Listen as host Dr. Andy Braams invites guests to share time earned insights on how to approach difficult aging topics related to sanctity of life, First Amendment rights, dementia care, Alzheimer’s, long-term care, memory care, Validation Therapy, aging ethics, and end of life issues in a Christlike manner for the Glory of God. One Vision. One Mission. One Voice for the Aging.


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“There is so much information out there on aging that doesn’t have its genesis in God’s Word. Now more than ever, we need strong biblical principles in our aging ministries so they will not be shaken during a pandemic.”

Episode 31: “BHHM Workshop, Afternoon Session”

Join us in part 3 of our “Workshop Series”. In this episode you are going to hear from Dr. Rodney Harrison as he continues to talk to the same group of people about the upcoming campaign called, Welcome Home. There will also be a snippet of what Dan Reynolds (who will be guiding and directing our campaign for us) has to say about us telling our story and the need to get that story out there because Baptist Homes does have a great story.


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Episode 29: “Workshop Speech on Problems,” with Dr. David Sundeen, V.P. of Culture & Care

Join Dr. Andy Braams as he interviews Dr. David Sundeen the new Vice President of Culture & Care at BHHM.


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Episode 28 – “A New V.P. & New Opportunities for BHHM”

Join Dr. Andy Braams as he interviews Brandy Parker the new Vice President of Workforce Excellence at BHHM.


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Click here to read the Pathway article about Parker joining BHHM

Episode 27 – “‘Communicating’ with Baptist Homes & Healthcare Ministries,” with Nate & Amanda Evans

Join Dr. Andy Braams as he interviews Nathan and Amanda Evans, the Directors of Communication at Baptist Homes.


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