For Pastors and Churches

A resource for pastors and churches to provide sermon outlines, advice and encouragement in all areas related to the aging process.

For additional educational resources on ways your church can minister to the aging members of your congregation, click here to learn about Assistive Care Ministry.

Age No Excuse in an Age of Excuses

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 Introduction: There seems to be some confusion as to when someone qualifies as a senior. • Your kids start calling you old at 45 • AARP lets you join at 50 • Burger King extends their Senior Discount at 55 • Social Security lets you retire at 62 • Medicare makes you

Honoring Wisdom by Dr. Rodney Harrison, President

Dr. Rodney Harrison, Transitional President Since moving to Missouri in 2003, I have enjoyed the privilege of visiting over dozens of new churches. A surprising—and encouraging—observation has been the number of senior adults attending these church plants. I believe God is calling many believers 62 and over to be actively involved in church

Take the Keys?

We asked The Baptist Home's Administrators whether it is ok to take away the car keys from an aging parent. Each offered their own unique perspective, which speaks to the diversity of each situation. Every family scenario is as unique and complicated as the personalities and relationships involved. (A beautiful, but challenging reality.) Common among

Expert Advice

Below is advice from Baptist Home residents and staff to potential residents on: “What to look for in a facility?” Staff: Observe the attitude of the staff and how they interact with residents and their families. This is especially noticeable during mealtimes. Look for a list of planned activities: Are there enough options? Are the

Prepare Before Communicating with the Confused

Communicating with someone who is confused can be frustrating.  And yet, somehow caregivers need to listen and speak in a way that builds trust and lowers anxiety.  Anxiety only heightens uncooperative, difficult behavior and impedes communication.  The goal is to provide as much quality of life as possible for the confused person by lowering the

Challenges Facing Your Family

In her book, How to Care for Aging Parents, Virginia Morris identifies Ten Common Reactions to Having a Parent in a Nursing Home: 1. Guilt that you are not doing enough for your parent 2. Anxiety that the nursing staff will not do enough for your parent 3. Guilt because you promised you would never

Understanding an Aging Plan

Around The Baptist Home we say there are two approaches to aging, “incident aging” and “planned aging”. Most people follow the “incident aging” approach. They just allow the days and years to go by without much thought about their life journey. Then an “incident’ forces them to face the fact they are getting older. The

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