The Baptist Home

The Baptist Home and the MBC Controversy

The Baptist Home and The Missouri Baptist Convention Controversy Steven Jones, President 2015 January         Executive Summary Communications from the Missouri Baptist Convention’s (MBC) leadership is heavily slanted to support the litigation against the institutions. Missouri Baptists are wise to get alternative viewpoints in order to get a well-rounded perspective of the legal claims filed

The Baptist Home – No Place Like It

Some have said The Baptist Home is the best kept secret in Missouri.  Although it is never our intention to hide this light under a bushel basket, I think the expression is just the way people convey their appreciation for this ministry.  It is a great ministry and God gets the credit for everything this

The Baptist Home and the Cooperative Program

Over the last several months, several people are asking me if The Baptist Home receives Cooperative Program funds.  The look on their faces is one of surprise when I answer them with a ‘No’.  We have not received Cooperative Program funds since the fall of 2001. The Cooperative Program began in 1925 to support missions

The Why of The Baptist Home

Many people understand ‘what’ we do; some may understand ‘how’ we do it. However, the ‘why’ makes all the difference. Today, many companies focus on the bottom line of making money. For The Baptist Home, money should not be an end to itself. On the other hand, money is a tool to help us accomplish

The Beginning

IN THE BEGINNING: The Baptist Home Grew from One Couple’s Heart In the year of our Lord, 2012, and the ninety-ninth year of The Baptist Home, we look ahead by looking back. When The Baptist Home opened its doors to its first “inmates” (as all residents of institutions were called at the time) in May

The Baptist Home

The Baptist Home An introduction to The Baptist Home ministry covering the history, mission, ministries, philosophy, policies and theology of this most unique older adult ministry. Also presents are practical ways individual and churches can be partners in this ministry.