Below is advice from Baptist Home residents and staff to potential residents on: “What to look for in a facility?”


  • Observe the attitude of the staff and how they interact with residents and their families. This is especially noticeable during mealtimes.
  • Look for a list of planned activities: Are there enough options? Are the options appealing?


  • Are the residents happy and content? Are their spiritual needs met?
  • Ask the visiting family members how they feel about their loved-one’s new home.
  • Do the residents have their own, private living space?
  • Do not be afraid to visit with residents about their feelings and experiences.
  • Look for a place where you are treated as an individual, not as a number or a private in the army.


  • A pretty facility does not matter if its staff does not love the residents.
  • When you move be prepared to make this your new home.
  • Is there a Chaplain on staff? Is it a Christian facility?
  • Be sensitive to smell, cleanliness, noise level and the atmosphere in general. Is there a sense of peace or of chaos?
  • Look for a record of state inspection deficiencies to discover how they have been addressed. (These should be available to the public.) Go to for additional information.
  • Remember; appearance does reflect on type of care and you cannot necessarily gauge quality based on price.
  • Ask to see the kitchen.


  • Make an unannounced visit at an odd time. (Evening, Weekend, etc.)
  • A quality life-care facility should have open-door visiting hours; you should feel you are being welcomed into a home when you visit.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Sit down with your family and listen to each other to get their feelings.