Recently, we asked The Baptist Home’s Campus Administrators for their advice and insights for families coming into the Holiday Season. We expected a few practical takeaways for making home safer and maybe a few fun stories of family life at The Baptist Home. We definitely got that! What we also came away with was a healthy dose of perspective about what’s truly important.

Nine Things for Adult Children to Remember This Thanksgiving

1. Visit. When you can’t visit, call. Never underestimate the value of consistent communication.
2. Think in terms of partnership. Nobody likes to be told what to do. Invite mom and dad to tell you how you can help, but do not take over.
3. Practice patience and perspective. Everyone finds this difficult, everyone. (Parents, adult children, grandchildren.) When you and your loved ones are in disagreement or are downright argumentative, remember that these challenges are painful for everyone. Practice patience and mercy with one another.
4. Simplify your expectations. Seek to enjoy each other’s company above all else. If the meal preparation is just too much, go out for dinner. If things don’t go exactly like they ought to, who cares? At least you have this time together.
5. Take the time to be proactive. The costs of being proactive may be a few difficult conversations or some extra time working on the estate plan. The costs of being reactive are far greater.
6. Get proactive about physical safety. Have stair or rugs become a fall hazard? How easy is it to get into the shower, to reach canned goods in the pantry?
7. Get proactive about health hazards. Does mom have a system for taking her medications properly and at the right time? Are there expired, unsafe foods in the refrigerator?
8. Get proactive when you notice signs of forgetfulness. Again, look into food and medicines. Also, are household chores and/or hygiene being neglected?
9. Take every opportunity to tell great memories and create new ones. Better yet, set up a camera/smart phone to record these special times of remembering.

Remember: This is difficult for everyone. Everyone, including you, is going to experience frustration and defensiveness. Pray for patience, grace. Pray that the Love of Jesus would permeate your time together and fill the hearts of everyone involved. This may seem a bit heavy for an encouraging Thanksgiving message, but the Holidays are when memories are made … remember the great ones and make a few more!