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What is Validation Therapy?

Validation Therapy seeks to respect the resident’s time frame and autonomy. It uses what, where, when and how questions to explore the meaning of all behavior. It avoids using “why” to not offend or raise the defenses of the confused resident. With reminiscence, the resident becomes more oriented.

Why is this therapy important?

The Baptist Home practices Validation Therapy, despite its requirement for additional staff time and education, to respect the resident regardless of his or her level of confusion. A confused resident can feel isolated or frustrated due to feelings of not connecting when trying to communicate. Validation Therapy allows staff to build trust and love to connect with residents in a time in their life when they struggle most to connect with others. The Baptist Home recognizes that this form of therapy is more demanding on staff which is why The Baptist Home works hard to ensure a high staff-to-resident ratio.

Validation Principles and Techniques

Validation Therapy Articles

Prepare Before Communicating with the Confused

Communicating with someone who is confused can be frustrating.  And yet, somehow caregivers need to listen and speak in a way that builds trust and lowers anxiety.  Anxiety only heightens uncooperative, difficult behavior and impedes communication.  The goal is to

The Four Stages of Resolution

Naomi Feil in her book The Validation Breakthrough identified four stages of resolution. People who suffer from cognitive impairment may progress through these four stages: 1) Malorientation, 2) Time Confusion, 3) Repetitive Motion, and 4) Vegetation. Feil believes people will

Communication with the Confused

Alzheimer’s disease is a catch all term today much like the older term “dementia.”  Some prefer to call it the “old-timer’s disease.” However, Alzheimer’s is a very specific disorder that cannot be accurately diagnosed until an autopsy is performed.  It

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Validation Therapy Videos

Informational Validation Therapy training videos led by Sherri Snider, MSW, Certified Validation Therapy Trainer and TBH Arcadia Valley Administrator.

30-minute Validation Therapy

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