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What is Veterans Care Ministry?

Veterans Care Ministry is a faith-based ministry launched by The Baptist Home in an effort to help combat veterans and their families deal with the effects of moral injury. Moral injury is often a hidden injury, and does not normally respond to treatment in a clinical setting.

Moral Injury involves something someone does, doesn’t do, or witnesses that betrays one’s morals, disrupts one’s world view, alters one’s sense of self or others and disconnects one from one’s soul, self, God or community. 

Veterans Care Ministry offers to help churches and ministry organizations develop ways to connect and to build healing relationships with combat veterans and their families through awareness-building events, ministry training and education, and community action networks. We believe that in order to help our combat veterans cope with the stresses of combat and heal the wounds of moral injury, we must first educate and then equip ourselves in order to provide meaningful, effective ministry.

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To learn more about Veterans Care Ministry, contact:

Ron Mackey
[email protected]
(573) 546-2709

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